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Ginseng Oolong tea – you should know it!

The taste of ginseng tea, can not be compared, with any other kind of tea. Ginseng tea is distinguished from other varieties of tea the unique aroma and taste, which is slightly sweet. After trying ginseng oolong tea once, in the future – the taste, it is difficult to confuse with any other tea. Ginseng tea is not only pleasant to the taste, but also very healthy. Ginseng root is the best means to raise […]

Cosmetic properties of Green tea

Almost everybody knows about beneficial properties of green tea, but still not all women have discovered its unique cosmetic properties. Rejuvenating Mask of green tea is easy to prepare and will surprise you with fast and high-quality results. The skin will feel significantly refreshed and look radiant. What is the secret of green tea masks for the face? There is no magic in the effects of green tea on the skin there. Everything is due […]

The therapeutic effect of Puer tea

The therapeutic effect of Puer tea 1. It helps digestion; 2. lifts spirit and improves brain activity; 3. Extends life and promotes longevity; 4. Lowers fat cells and stimulate weight loss; 5. Resolves bloating; 6. Serves as an antibacterial agent, and relieves inflammation; 7. It prevents arteriosclerosis; 8. Regulates high blood pressure; 9. Assists in prevention of the coronary heart disease; 10. It protects against various types of radiation, ie PC monitor, television; 11. Promotes […]

Lu Yu or The Sage of Tea

Most tea lovers have heard of the tea sage Lu Yu and his text “The Classic of Tea”. If not, I would like to tell you about one of the most famous people of the world of tea. Lu Yu was born in 733 AD in Tianmen, Hubei Province. When he was about 3 years old, he was orphaned, and subsequently adopted by monks of the Longgai Monastery in Hubei Province. Lu learned characters, read […]

Ripe Puer – who invented this tea?

Nowadays Ripe Puer is very popular outside of China. A lot of people think that this tea has hundreds of years of history but this is not so. Therefore, you may ask “when and who invented Ripe Puer? There are different stories around this, but only one of them is credible and supported by historical facts. Ripe Puer tea was invented in the Kunming tea factory in the middle of the 1970s. The person who did it was tea master Wu Qiying (吴启英). […]

Interview with my teacher

When I was in Wuyishan, China studying the art of tea, every student needs a teacher and Harvey (his English name) was mine. There was nothing he could not answer about tea and thanks to him I was introduced to the best high quality tea in China. Currently Harvey is working on a book both in Chinese and in English about the tea trade such things is how tea is made and the story behind […]

Liu An Gua Pian green tea is tea for political elite

Liu An Gua Pian green tea is grown on the slopes of the Dabie Mountains of Lu An County in Anhui Province. It is also more correctly called Lu An Gua Pian tea. The flat tea leaves resemble seeds. Originally, Liu An Gua Pian tea was called “Sunflower” (Gua Zi Pian), but later the name was shortened to Gua Pian and mistranslated as “Pumpkin Seeds”. The first part of the name, Lu An, was added […]

Yellow tea – the tea which you should try

Not a lot of people have heard of yellow tea and this is sad as it is a very nice and unique tea. Yellow tea has a long history but it is almost unknown due to the death penalty being imposed on anyone selling yellow tea outside of China until the 10th century. There is even a story that once the son-in-law of the emperor was drawn and quartered for smuggling out yellow tea! The […]

Da Hong Pao tea from Wuyi Mountain

Perhaps the first thought that comes to mind when tea lovers hear of the Wuyi Mountain is Da Hong Pao tea which is also known as Big Red Robe oolong tea. This type of oolong tea  became popular during the Song dynasty and then, during the Yuan dynasty, a special department was created to control the production of Da Hong Pao tea for the Emperor’s family. There are numerous legends of the wonders of this tea. Most of them tell us of the miraculous healing of a government official or member […]

Loose leaf Puer or Puer cake – which is better?

Some tea lovers ask which kind of Puer tea is better, loose leaf Puer or Puer cake? This is an interesting question. In ancient times, loose leaf Puer was considered to be the tea for Emperors while Puer cake was the tea for ordinary people. This was mainly because the cakes were made using lower quality tea leaves as well as tea dust, and pressed into the form of a cake for better presentation. Nowadays Puer cakes are normally made using good quality tea  leaves, but tea dust may still be added in some cases. Therefore the quality of […]

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